Droppers Batch



Medical (AIIMS / NEET / BVSc. / Chd-CET / B.Sc. Agriculture & B.Sc. Nursing)
Non-Medical (JEE-Main & Advanced)
Commencement : 1st June onwards
Eligibility : Class XII Pass
Duration : 3 Months to 1 Year

In this course, the students are prepared in Physics, Chemistry, Biology /Mathematics for Medical (AIIMS / NEET) / Engineering (JEE-Main and Advanced) Entrance examinations. The comprehensive study material comprising of synopsis, notes, assignments & DPPs (Daily Practice Problems) based on above mentioned competitions is provided in the form of booklets. The course is complete in every sense to make the student thoroughly prepared for related competitive examinations. The students are equipped with the latest result oriented techniques and shortcut methods. Emphasis is laid on Mock Tests, Time Management, Motivational Sessions and removal of examination phobia. This course is divided in three phases.


Droppers Batch

Phase I : June/July/August/September onwards

The entire course of +1 as well as +2 is done simultaneously for Medical (AIIMS / NEET) / Engineering (JEE-Main & Advanced) Entrance examinations.

The phase is completed thoroughly by 15th February.


Phase II : 16th February till 3rd March

The students are let off for self study to revise the entire syllabus in complete sense so as to appear in Unit Tests / Mock Tests based on actual pattern of competitive examination to enhance their confidence and rank.


Phase III : 4th March onwards

These students re-join the Institute on 4th March for final round of Medical (AIIMS / NEET) / Engineering (JEE-Main & Advanced) Entrance examinations.

Revision of the whole syllabus of +1 & + 2 from competition point of view through Test & Discussion batch.

Students are given Mock test on the pattern of respective examinations and last moment tips on how to take these examinations. The schedule is intimated to the students well in time. It continues till 1st April.

Note :

Students can avail the facility of special doubt removal sessions, tests and discussions between 2nd April onwards till their last entrance examination.

Ace Tutorials New Additions :

Ace All India Test Series / Ace Rank Booster kit/Ace Online Test Card/Ace e-tutor is available on actual cost.




Full Session = 72,300/-

6-7 Months = 54,300/-

4-5 Months = 44,400/-

100 Days Package = 39,000/-

Service Tax @ 14.5% will be charged extra




Full Session = 82,040/-

6-7 Months = 51,600/-

4-5 Months = 41,700/-

100 Days Package = 36,300/-

Service Tax @ 14.5% will be charged extra